Easy Team Motivation Activities

Team Motivation

Not having team motivation in place may not only reduce productivity but reduce the number of employees in your company up to 27%. Studies have shown that almost a quarter of employee resignations are due to not feeling motivated in their work position.

A company needs to make employees feel motivated in their respected positions to get the ultimate level of productivity and a lifetime employee. However, there are many ways employees can take part in fun and outgoing activities. There are also easy ways to build motivation together as a team.

Group Volunteering

Building a company culture is the perfect way to create a company family and not just a company team. Camaraderie can reduce turnover rates and create a company culture. Corporate volunteer programs bring many benefits to a brand.

Charity programs are the perfect way to incorporate this and offer employees an opportunity to put their talents to the test in a meaningful way.

Team Lunches

Team Lunches are the perfect way to get in a quick motivational talk. This is an easy and fast workplace to create a group support and motivation session every day. This allows co-workers to communicate in a more relaxed atmosphere without work banter.

This can also help different departments to brainstorm and build professional relationships.

Meeting Icebreakers

Meetings can be stressful, and it’s good to have some icebreakers to reduce the overall stress that is normal with any meeting. Icebreakers are easy and quick to loosen up the team, especially before a crucial collaborative meeting between departments. Having short activities or telling jokes to work great for this.

Department Shadowing

Department shadowing is perfect for members of all company teams to learn more about what’s happening in different departments. This can be seen as sending employees from various departments to each other’s workplaces for a full day to see how everything works.

This can provide employees with knowledge on the daily activities involved in other teams, or team members may offer greater productivity and expertise.

All the activities on this list are easy methods to get employees more motivated and benefit the company and team in a specific department.

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